Different people, different situations, same satisfaction.

When my mom died the last thing I wanted to do was go through the headache and hassle of selling her house. Finding David was a blessing in disguise! With his help, her estate was able to get a quick close to help pay for funeral expenses. It couldn’t have happened without Sell Your Bay Area House As Is!

– Marjorie Payne

Life comes at you fast sometimes and you need to make fast decisions and get fast results. I had to leave the country and go back to Manila to take care of my family. I was able to work with David and get cash for my house in just a few days, I did not have time to list the traditional way with a real estate agent.

Antonio Fernandez

After relocating for work I tried to be a long distance landlord for a while. I quickly found out that I did not want to deal with the hassle and expense of a second house much less the added tenant issues. I chose to get quick cash for my problem house instead of letting the situation slowly drain me.

Shaynyah Combs

After falling in my home and injuring myself, I wound up in the hospital facing a lengthy rehab period in an assisted care facility. I was suddenly unable to live on my own and needed money to pay costly medical bills. Sell Your Bay Area House As Is helped me make this transition with a quick close and fast cash.

Henry Liu

When I first inherited a house I thought I won a lottery I was so happy. That was until I found out it was uninhabitable and on the verge of being condemned by the city. I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough! David and his team helped save me from financial disaster by taking a huge liability off my hands.

– Amrit Pal Singh

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